Know Thyself: Enlightenment For All

Have you noticed how the most precious things are the ones hidden in plain sight? When I was little my cousin was visiting for a few days and right before she left my brother and I decided to play a trick on her. We took her keychain and hung it on the chandelier – it was one of these with the fancy plastic “crystals” hanging from it, some of them gone missing long ago. The keychain stood out among them like a sore thumb, being bright blue with writing on it. My cousin looked all over for her keys but she never even considered gazing upwards at the ceiling. In the end we simply pointed to the chandelier and had a great laugh at her expense (not very nice, I know, but it was a pretty sweet joke).


stay open, stay playful


Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?

– Rumi

What if I told you that the same applies to your true nature – it is in the wide open? That you don’t need to work hard or read sacred text to get enlightened, because you simply already are? What?????!!!!! “No way!,” you’d say. “Yes way,” if I may. Proof follows in the form of a beautiful Hawaiian story called “The Bowl of Light.” I got reminded of it by a song with the same by Trevor Hall my wonderful friend Ioana sent me (coincidentally, her and I met in Hawai’i). She just published her labor of love – a most beautiful book of poetry which follows a multi-faceted journey and expansion into higher consciousness. I highly recommend that you get a copy. Or two. Or three. Sharing is caring. Without further ado, here is “The Bowl of Light Story” copied from here.


“We are all born with a perfect bowl full of light, a gift from our Aumakua — Source energy, our Higher Self. This bowl is the vessel of who we are. If we learn to respect and cherish this light and live our lives from love, we can create our highest path on this planet. When our bowl is full of light, there is plenty of love and energy available to fuel and inspire everything we do.

Life and Poor Choices Can Displace the Light

However, if we lose touch with this light and become fearful, judgmental or negative, each time we do so, a stone is added to our bowl, with each stone pushing out some of the light. If we stay in this pattern long enough, our bowl of light can eventually become a bowl full of stones, where no light can shine.

The story offers hope, though; if our bowl ever becomes so full of stones that it feels as though the light has gone from our lives, the Hawaiians teach us that all we must do is simply dump out the bowl. With the stones gone, our vessel can immediately fill up with light once again.

It’s Never Too Late

There is an endless supply of Source energy, and we can use our free will at any time to make a positive change. It’s never too late to return to the light and live our lives from love. We are that light. All it takes is a shift in perspective, the decision to tip our bowl and release what isn’t serving us. Then the light can come flooding back in.”


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

But, wait, it cannot be that simple, can it? Ok, there is a tricky part, I am not going to lie. ENLIGHTENMENT is one thing (remembering who we truly are, namely consciousness/energy/God/Love/Light  – call it what you want), however EMBODIMENT is quite another. This is where the fun comes in, as we are shifting from FEAR into LOVE and learning to slowly let go of all that no longer serves us: fear, grief, anger, jealousy, insecurity, unworthiness, blame, worry, doubt, etc. It is a process that cannot be rushed and happens gradually on its own when we allow.  The more we resist, the more life “helps” us by presenting us with situations that streamline the letting go.  It’s up to you if you are going to do it the easy or the hard way, or a mix of both. Ho’oponopono is a wonderful Hawaiian practice of taking responsibility and opening into love that can assist you on your journey.


starfruit gifted in love

It’s all about the choices we make every minute of every day. Like the story of the starfruit above – I uploaded it here if you are curious to hear an example of what this blog post is about.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

If we want things to change collectively, we need to change on the inside first. This is how true shift happens, no more waiting on the external and shying away from responsibility. When we learn to love and accept ourselves just the way we are, we can love and accept our brothers and sisters in the same way and embrace our differences. So, let’s drop all stones (one by one or all at once) and allow the light to fill our bowl to the brim once again. We owe it to ourselves and to each other – to live in joy, and truth, and love.


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


You were born into this world full of light and love, so it’s all a matter of remembering that state of consciousness and keeping it alive inside. To quote my friend Ioana, Simplicity, presence and kindness are all the spirituality we need.” It’s time we walk the talk in 2020, and I have full faith each and one of us is capable of this. Heaven is not a place out there we  go to when we die, but a state of mind we can access at any point available to all. Meet me there?

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

– Rumi


my shadow in the clouds: home

“going home tastes like honey.
it feels like silk on the cusps of shoulders that once held the weight of the world and then some.
it is the sweet dissolving of the grain
and the sudden surrender of going against it. silk smooth silver soft surrender.. shhh.
wherever you are, whoever you are, and however far from the dream of yourself,
this here, is all that matters.
if there is nothing sacred where you are standing,
then you are it.
if everything is sacred where you are standing,
then it is because of you.
you are the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen —
your aching is my aching
your loving is my loving
and this home of words is sanctuary.
stay as long as you wish, come as often as you’d like.
and go forth into your grandest dreams, led always by the light of your heart.”
– Ioana Gheorghiu

let’s get that aloha spirit out and share it (rest assured, I did not eat that huge yummy acai bowl on my own 😉 )

P.S. All images in this post are from the time I spent in Hawai’i  in 2016 & 2018 😉

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