Imagine… Could it Be That Simple?

Remember when you were little and you used your imagination all the time to create something out of nothing? The couch turned into a fast car, the bed into a flying carpet, your mom’s robe into an invisible cape, the floor into lava and a stick could be so many things…

How is everything created? First, it needs to be imagined into being. From the chair your are sitting on to the device you are reading this blog post on, everything initially originated in someone’s imagination. You get an idea, you focus on it, you believe it’s possible, and you start experimenting to make it happen. This is how every image I create manifests into being – it begins with a visual in my head.


“The inside of this trunk has newspaper lining like my dress, what if I get in there with one of my old cameras and take a photo?,” she said one day after a photo shoot. Dream it, do it, done!

Wanna play make-believe again?

The rules of the game are pretty simple:

  1. Sit quietly and connect with your inner desire/s
  2. Think of what you want and feel as if you already have it
  3. Hold on to that feeling and stay there

Channeling my wild and free self, who actually knows/remembers it all. You can connect to your own knowing as well.

Does it work? If you believe it works it will work for you. By using my imagination, I became a photographer, had a very successful blog, traveled all over the USA on a very small budget living like a local, enjoyed the free spirit life in Hawaii, learned to process coffee and cacao,  found home within, got to know what love is, and have been able to maintain a flexible schedule for years allowing me to do what I love (and so so much more). I believe that imagination creates reality, and it does the job for me. Why not try – what do you have to lose? Or, rather,

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

If all is a dream within a dream, why not dream of what you want, rather than focus on what you do not want?…


What a perfect time to be alive and focus your imagination on what you want, now that so many of our distractions have fallen away.

For more inspiration, check out my new blog 🙂 (born out of my imagination, naturally)


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