I Am Your Body, Listen To Me


I found this text published on a Bulgarian blog some months ago, and I felt compelled to translate it and share it. The words are beautiful and the message powerful.

After spending some time in the attic yesterday, these images were born.

When we get in touch with ourselves and tune into our bodies we can learn so much.

Take time to be still, and listen to what your body has to say.

Love and accept it.

It knows best.

♥ ♥ ♥

I Am Your Body, Listen To Me


I look the way you think of me. Please, think of me as a beautiful body, and I will be one.


When you dwell on diseases and try to find symptoms in me, I obey your thoughts and develop diseases.


When you spend too much time on negative thoughts and emotions, I begin to get sick. Too much precious life energy is spent on such thoughts.


When you think happy thoughts, I blossom and grow younger.


I have unlimited reserves and capacities. Have faith in me. I can regenerate and rebuilt the wholeness of some tissues and organs completely. I can be cured even when the doctors deem me terminally ill. Help me with your desire and your faith in my capacities.


I am made in such a way that I could function for hundreds of years. Why when you are in your late thirties/early forties you begin to think about growing old? Your thoughts make me grow old. Your society wrongly believes that you can only live to be 100 years old.


When you are about to eat something, ask me what I would like. If you learn to hear me, I will always respond. This will come only as our benefit. Sadly, you eat out of habit or follow the latest diet fads.


Once again I would like to mention Beauty. Don’t stuff me full of diet pills, botox, silicone, acrylic and various gels. I can be beautiful without all this. Just help me. If you do, I will be happy to take the shapes that you need and like.


I love to walk and breathe fresh air. To swim. To run. To dance. To get a massage. Sex. Activities, that bring you pleasure. However, you spend your days in front of the computer or the TV screen…


I trust you. And if after every piece of cake you eat, you think you are going to gain weight, I realize your thoughts and gain weight.


I love you a lot. I would love to hear you say words of love and appreciation. At least sometimes… However, even if you don’t do it I still love you unconditionally.

I am your body, your Universe. You are also a part of a huge Universe.

Thank you for listening to me.

Thank you… I exist only because you wished for that to happen. I am what you imagine me to be.

Let’s work together and help each other.


Your Body


P.S. If you know the source of the text, lease feel free to share it in the comments. The original in Bulgarian can be found here. 


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