Playing Dress Up: Have Fun With Your Boudoir Shoot

Some weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting the beautiful Alicia who won a vintage boudoir session complete with two custom-made outfits through a giveaway Kristi with Sweet Rosalie & Co. and I did a while back. Alicia was a delight to meet and chat with, and the vintage-inspired pieces Kristi designed and hand-crafted for the shoot were gorgeous. However, it’s fun to play dress up, so I asked Alicia to bring some more outfits of her own to wear for her photo session. You know how much fun little girls have when they play dress up and change into their mom’s clothes and shoes? Well, it’s possible to have just as much fun as a grown up during your boudoir shoot! It amazes me how much our clothes and accessories have to do with our appearance! From a 1920-ties lingerie-inspired outfit, to a cowboy hat and plaid shirt, to silk lingerie, to another flapper-inspired vintage outfit, to a corset: watch Alicia transform through her photos! Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-33 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-26 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-67 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-55 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-82 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-104 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-113 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-130 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-136 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-151 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-156 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-170 Alicia Vintage Boudoir 2015-187

‘Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.’

Kate Spade

There is really not a good reason why you’d want to play dress up as a grown up or do a boudoir photo shoot, except the fact that it’s fun, liberating, and you can do it. It boosts your endorphins and your self-confidence. It helps you see yourself in a different light and imagine yourself living in different eras. It takes you away from the mundane routine and your well-rehearsed daily roles and gives you the opportunity to become somebody new and uncover a latent part of yourself. Last, but not least, it gives you the chance to wear some of the vintage outfits in my prop closet and be away from the world for a couple of hours 😉 Disclaimer: You do not need fancy clothes and accessories to be beautiful. True beauty comes from within. Changing into vintage outfits and hats is simply a lot of fun  🙂 Learn more about a boudoir photo shoot with me here. 🙂

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