She Walks This Earth

Last spring I had the pleasure to do a photo shoot with Blanche from the Honeycomb. She is an incredibly talented young lady who designs custom made, nature-inspired hair accessories for weddings and special events. Although it’s been a year since we took these photos, I love revisiting them and I thought it will be a great idea to share them with you on Earth Day! Here is a song to accompany the photos: She Walks This Earth Sting

“She’s a soulful flower in the garden 
She’s bobbing in the sunlight 
And flirting with her eyes 

The way she walks by 
I see a wave of color 
Moving like an angel 
Trailing butterflies”


130430Honeycomb008 130430Honeycomb087 130430Honeycomb108 130430Honeycomb125 130430Honeycomb142 130430Honeycomb146 130430Honeycomb182 130430Honeycomb191 130430Honeycomb262 130430Honeycomb273 130430Honeycomb351 130430Honeycomb380 130430Honeycomb394 130430Honeycomb441 130430Honeycomb458 130430Honeycomb543 130430Honeycomb578 130430Honeycomb594 130430Honeycomb650 130430Honeycomb708 130430Honeycomb776 130430Honeycomb815 130430Honeycomb832 130430Honeycomb926 130430Honeycomb950 130430Honeycomb1020 130430Honeycomb1057 130430Honeycomb1101 130430Honeycomb1177 130430Honeycomb1190 130430Honeycomb1235 130430Honeycomb1308 130430Honeycomb1459 130430Honeycomb1468 130430Honeycomb1483 130430Honeycomb2069 130430Honeycomb2123I love doing styled photo shoots, so if you have any ideas in mind, don’t hesitate to contact me! 🙂


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